The All New Easy Bracket by The Granite Bracket Shop

The Easy Bracket is a self leveling countertop support bracket that is sold exclusively by The Granite Bracket Shop.

All you need to do is screw in the bracket and drop your natural stone countertop on top of it and it will actually level itself under the countertop. No more time consuming leveling. No more ugly wooden shims. No more messy glue.

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This bracket really is revolutionary in that it does not use force and structure against gravity but instead uses the very weight it is supporting to act as a force on its own by lever and fulcrum law.

self leveling granite bracket or The Easy Bracket

This bracket known as “The Easy Bracket” is a new design by The Granite Bracket Shop wich until now was really a reseller teing its claim to fame as one of the original people that designed the now famous  Forward L Granite Brackets and Floating Wall Mount Support  . 

We called Peter Cockram the head designer of many brackets that are on the market today and asked what he thought about his new design. His interview was telling to say the least (Click Here for full audio) but he told us of how the whole industry started and how by copying old ideas and ways of thinking the designs have not improved for some time.

He told us of how he now feels the offset screw holes on the granite brackets was something that he had introduced when he was under contract with a company called Conquistador Granite Brackets (now known as and then took that same idea with him to start a new company with his friend, CenterLine Steel.

In time comes age and in age wisdom

Some things look better or clearer after some time has passed and so he now sees its not the best way to have the holes because it actually twists the bracket with an uneven distribution of force. The “granite braces” we first designed were designed to fight nature, to battle gravity.  The revolution of the self leveling granite bracket is as old as the pyramids, it’s levers and fulcrums, its nature.

Click Here to see more about the self leveling granite bracket – The Easy Bracket 

Parts to the Easy Bracket

“I have seen very impressive improvements in quality from some companies like Centerline and Federal Brace, but other companies are still pushing out the same old designs with very little care for quality and innovations”.

Peter said “Centerline brackets are hands down the juggernaut of quality and customer service, besides The Granite Bracket Shop of course” he was fast to mention that they were the first to powdercoat their brackets, they insisted the brackets are tested by engineers and that there is a very tight quality check system in place that allows them to be the best. Now it might not seem like much now due to copycat, but they were the first to send each bracket with it’s own screws.

The Granite Bracket Shop only resells Centerline brackets because of the attention to detail and excellent customer service.

A diagram of the new bracket from The Granite Bracket Shop

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