The Granite Bracket Authority or the GBA. Safety Trust and Service.


We have a free support team ready to help you install granite brackets. Just call 1-888-900-3050 and talk to a trained professional.

Well it’s very exciting to get your new granite countertops. You have spent a small fortune on the best granite you could find and now, it’s time to have your installers put in your new granite countertops. But hold on. What about the supporting brackets or granite brackets you will need?

Do you have any granite countertop support brackets for your granite countertop? Did the granite installers tell you about the granite brackets you will need to support your new granite countertops?

You will need to support that granite countertop. Granite is a natural stone and it will snap off if you don’t support it with corbels, legs, or our hidden granite countertop support brackets.

Legs hold up granite, but they are unpleasant, and if you wanted that, you would just buy a granite table. Corbels are very nice, but people hit their knees on them u

nder the granite overhang or bar, not to mention they are starting to look old fashioned.


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