The Granite Bracket Authority

We know granite brackets.


Granite brackets gives your granite countertop or bar the extra strength it needs to keep you safe from your granite snapping.

Granite countertops and overhangs have become more popular than ever, serving across a granite countertop or bar is commonplace. Installers used to use wooden corbels instead of granite brackets or even ugly braces hanging off the wall for all to see.

But now you can hide the support for your granite countertop, overhang or bar by using our Countertop Granite Brackets for Granite countertops. Our Granite Brackets are for Granite Countertops or granite bars are a snap to install and are made from only the highest quality steel. Click here to see how to install our Countertop Bracket for Granite

Our granite countertop support brackets are “Hidden”. This means that the granite brackets sit well within the cabinets or knee wall supporting the mighty granite countertop stone above it. It hides up under the granite countertop firmly connecting itself to the underside of the granite securing it so you are much less likely to have your granite countertop or bar snap on you.