About The Granite Bracket Authority


The team at GBA has been involved in the Granite Bracket industry since the very beginning.



The Granite Bracket Authority or the GBA, has been created to inform consumers looking to support their granite countertop using granite brackets.

The GBA is an organization that is meant to be a resource for the consumer interested in using granite brackets in order to support granite countertops.

We have seen an influx of granite brackets in the marketplace and have noticed that many granite brackets are being manufactured with sub quality steel and in some cases are actually being sold without a protective covering like powder coating.

After much research we have found that only one manufacture met the standards the GBA considers acceptable:

  • Centerline Brackets – We are not a part of Centerline Brackets but have found this company to offer the best product available on the market.

The GBA will provide the following information:

  • Installation and safe use of granite brackets
  • Ranking of quality and value of granite brackets
  • Ranking of customer services offered by the leading manufactures of granite brackets


Installation and safe use of granite brackets:

GBA has a granite bracket calculator that you can use to figure out how many granite brackets you might need to support your granite countertop. We will also provide step by step instructions on how to install granite brackets safely and efficiently.


 Ranking of quality and value of granite brackets:

GBA is a place that a client can put down a ranking score for the granite brackets they have purchased and used. We have found that granite brackets are not all created equal, so by letting you the consumer rank the quality and value of the granite bracket you have purchased or are looking to purchase you can have your very important voice be heard.


Ranking of customer services offered by the leading manufactures of granite brackets:

GBA will maintain a non biased forum in which you the consumer can post comments regarding the following:

  • The experience you have encountered in purchasing granite brackets from the various distributors and manufacturers.
  • The quality of the granite brackets you have purchased from different manufactures or retailers.
  • Helpful pre-purchase answers to questions you might have before purchasing your granite brackets.
  • Installation instructions and tips.
  • The Grumble Report section so you can warn others about granite brackets that did not meet your needs or expectations.


At the very least GBA will be a force that pushes the industry to the highest standards in supplying granite bracket:

GBA will be engaged in validating the quality of granite bracket on the market for commercial and residential use due to the nature of the granite the bracket must support.

Remember that all Granite Brackets are meant to be installed to insure safety of the granite countertop and you should always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.


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